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November 2021 Sunday 11 AM : Theme - "I am grateful to be myself."

Nov 7: Guest Speaker Rev. Josh Dolecki

Nov 14: Rev. Jenn Shepherd: "Honoring Perspective"

Nov 21: Rev. Jenn Shepherd: "Honoring Personal Journey"

Nov 28: Rev. Jenn Shepherd: "Honoring Relationship With Divine"

Wednesday Programming (Contributions appreciated to facilitate the opperation of these programs)

6:30PM EVERY WEDNESDAY (except Dec. 29)
Healers available to Healing/Prayers


Nov 10 Spirit Circle with Timothy Brainard
Nov 17 Yogi Nidra with Valerie Baltzer

Nov 24 Signing Bowl Meditation with Nancy Bowden

Dec 1 Spiritual Oasis Hour (Healing, Inspiration, Mediumship)

Dec 8 Candle Light Message Evening ($10 and bring your own candle in a holder)

Dec 15 Yogi Nidra

Dec 22 Singing Bowl Meditation

In need of Spiritual Direction? Reiki/Spiritual Healing?
Contact Rev. Jenn Shepherd at 814-314-9297 or

Healing and Prayer requests may be sent to or by calling 814-314-9297