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All are welcome to join us 11AM on Sundays

All are welcome to join us 11AM on Sundays


Aug. 5: Neda Boin Healing Concert at 6:30PM


Aug. 7: Guest Speaker Josh Dolecki

Aug. 14: Jenn Shepherd:

Each Person's very essence is of God

Aug. 21: Jenn Shepherd:

Each Person Creates and Interprets their own experience


Aug. 27: Activate Your Activism 10AM-1PM


Aug. 28: Jenn Shepherd:

Inspiration, Creative Thinking and Self Development bring us closer to the Divine Mind.


10 AM SUNDAYS in Unity Fellowship Hall:

QiGong and Meditation available on the weeks Jenn Shepherd is speaking.


7PM Aug 7, 14, 21, 28 Self Empowerment and Healing

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In need of Spiritual Direction? Reiki/Spiritual Healing?
Contact Jenn Shepherd at 814-314-9297 or

Healing and Prayer requests may be sent to or by calling 814-314-9297