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Unity Principles

The Divine nature of the Universe, of EVBERYTHING, is not driven by personality. It is the unending, unwavering aspect of the ISness of Creation. Within that Witness, Oneness there are principles. We ARE Creation. We recognize the principles as part of the unchanging nature of Spirit. (Divine, God, Universe, ALL)

"There is but one power. We use it as we will. If we send it out by our thought and word in hate, it destroys, but if we send it out in love, it builds. There are not two powers, but two ways of using power." - Charles Fillmore

5 Principles

Principle ONE

Spirit/Divine is Absolute Good, everywhere present.

We are aware of the Entirety of Divine everywhere, always. This creative force is all around me, through me, in me IS ME and everything everywhere I look and touch. Everywhere beyond my reach through the known and unknown Universe.

Principle Two

Humans are 100% Human and 100% Divine. Each is the everything of Spirit and is GOOD. 

The Light in Everyone is of the unending and ever loving Universe. That is a constant. That love and light never wavers. We are humans are forever changing and have the ability to reach out to new and broadening perspectives of what it means to be a human within the Oneness of Creation.

Principle THREE

Human Beings Create and Recognize their own Unique Experience

Spirit/God only does what humanity says it shall do. Spirit/God is our servant. Did you ever think of that, that this wonderful Spirit/God, out of which everything is made is here at all times, is always present with us and we are using that Spirit? (Lesson 1 Healing Conference 1923 - Charles Fillmore)

Principle FOUR

Connection with Spirit, Contemplation/Prayer/Presence heightens our awareness. In Growing up and Showing up in our awakening we spark our wisdom and widen our perceptions.

It is through our quiet moments, our cultivation of awareness that brings our Divinity into view of our Humanity. It is in cultivating that space of presence, of prayer that allow thoughts to flow to actions representing the Oneness of the Divine Matrix. 

Principle FIVE

We live the truth we know from the perspective available to us. Our challenge is to keep expanding perspective, integrate healing and continually move to a greater realization of the truth.

We live from where we are at. We live the best we can from the present perspective. We are always changing, our truth recognition is always changing. With each change we align our thoughts, our meditation and prayer and our actions to the place we are today. Always striving to be and do the level of perception we are presently. 

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