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What We Offer

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Unity in Edinboro is here for all parts of your life's journey. Please feel free to reach out via phone/text at 814-314-9297 or email at




Design a wedding ceremony with Rev. Jenn to fit your customs, beliefs and personality. ALL are welcome. 


New Life (Baby) Dedications

There are many ways in which to welcome a new life to the family in ceremony, ritual and celebration. Rev. Jenn will work with you to design a ceremony that fits your personal customs and family. 


Meet with Rev. Jenn

Need a place to chat, ask questions, find resources? Please reach out to Rev. Jenn for an individual meeting. 


Funerals/Celebration of Life

Work with Rev. Jenn on the way that is best to honor your loved ones life recognizing the wishes of you, the family and the loved one being remembered and honored. 



Add your name or any intention to the healing/prayer list or come in and sit with a healer for personal healing/prayer time. 814-314-9297 or


Personal to You

There are many life events that may not fit into one of these categories: Clean Medical Diagnosis, Honouring Years of Recovery, New Job, Blessing of a Pet, Life Partnership or Union, Honouring an anniversary of a passing, ETC. We are here to help you honour any and all of life's events. 

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