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The Body

This week we work with the body and the archetype of the Great Mother. We each have a bit of this mother archetype within us. The recognition of birthing new ideas, housing awareness and hope. Mother is solitude and sympathy. It is wisdom, growth and fertility. When the mother archetype is not healthy is may also be dark, foreboding, an abyss that devours any creativity and growth.

Our body can do either for us. We can come into alignment with it, become aware of all it offers and also needs. We are able to attune and move it to both strengthen and also to release. We hold all our memories, all our emotions, all our thoughts, all our experiences within our bodies. Our body is what translates the seen and unseen world for us, to the best of our ability. How we are aware and take care of our bodies and are aware of how it is part of this physical existence, we are more aware of everything. We are able to release tensions, come into alignment with hope and move forward from suffering to healing. This week's Sunday Gathering will take these thoughts into consideration and will offer some real time experiences to both sit with and move our bodies to release and move into awareness, healing and the positive attributes of Great Mother.

Please be sure to check out ALL the EVENTS available. They include a Candle Light Message Service, Healing Conversations, Winter Light Celebration AND a walk through Darkness, Silence and Waiting as part of our human journey. The recording for Darkness and Hope is [HERE]. (minus the music and discussion which are only available to those who join LIVE)

Consider joining as an official member of the Unity in Edinboro Spiritual Center. All of the in-person Bolts of Love programming is here, and the support to keep all of these programs alive come from the center. To learn more about membership click [HERE].

Many Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev. Jenn

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