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Stop Being Less

You are the Light.

You are the Universe.

You are Power.

The gifts and talents you process were formed on the day your soul came into existence. You were not bestowed gifts; you are created uniquely through the Divine Energy that Created the Universe. You are that energy. You are Love, Grace, and Fulfillment both individualized in experience and whole in the Witness. Much like the heart that beats within your chest is both you and a piece of you. There is no existence without the individual part, there is no existence of the individual part without the Whole, The One. You ARE the gift.

We have lessened ourselves through the eyes of the Creation we have come here to experience and grow. We are not human to prove ourselves and receive rewards, being human is the reward.

We experience the Grace of Creation from a perspective of limitedness. The possibility to choose actions based on gratitude, love, humility, and peace via a human perspective is the Universe saying, “I trust you to make the most of your experience to share with the rest of Creation.”

It is good to remember that we are the ones that we will answer to at the end of this human experience. We are the Universe that decides what we learned and how we learned it. We will recognize how every decision played out. We will recognize how each decision affected others and the earth. We will see how the tiniest things we do have a ripple effect through the Universe and how the actions and decisions of others affected our experience.

How will you use your power of Creation? What is the natural talent within your very core, your very being, the gift within the soul you? We each have a something, many of us several things. The ability to share, the ability to connect, aptitude for art, music, numbers, engineering, plumbing, leadership, teaching, kindness, healing, medicine, gardening, computers, future visions, writing, preaching, organizing, cooking, feeding, on and on and on and on and on. We are successful when we express our talents. When we are fully who we are without reservation.

This does not mean shining hatred, bigotry, aggression, or ignorance. It means finding that spark of Creation that is the true Self and shining that without reservation. Your uniqueness, and your compassion. It is the willingness to reframe the human existence that we live into non-absolutes. It is the willingness to not only see the greys also put the pastels, the neon, and the primary shades that make up the world between the bookends of black and white.

In being ourselves and recognizing the amazing array of perspectives this world has to offer it becomes a buffet of possibilities ready for sampling and discovery. The world no longer is a place of us versus them or if they have something I cannot. It is a canvas of mixing the samples, finding pairs on the buffet we would not have thought could go together, it is the willingness not only of discovery of self, but also the discovery of the light within each aspect of life we are witnessing.

This is the hope and the potential of humanity. There will always be people that do not readily see the potential of harmony. There will always be the people that make themselves big by making someone else seem small. There will always be people who are not capable or willing to shed hatred or educate themselves from ignorance.

An unhealed person can find offence in anything. A person practicing healing understands that the actions of others has absolutely nothing to do with them, or even sometimes the well-being of the world. Each day you decide which one you will be.

To practice healing is to continually bring to light the love innate in yourself and the universe. That is the power. You are already that power. We decide when and how to use it. As humans' gratitude, forgiveness coupled with the patience and perseverance to practice both is the key to all healing. Within the practice of gratitude, we see more, we are led more easily to circumstances and choices for full expression of true Self. Through forgiveness we develop tools to express peace, listen more, act in a way that is conducive to not only ourselves but for the planet and humanity. We let go of fear of lack for ourselves and we gain wisdom within and through the Witness.

We are the hands, ears, eyes, of the Witness. We are the Witness in action, incarnate, unfolding in all aspects of love, of healing and of grace.

Stop being less. Let go of hate. Let go of fear. Embrace Healing. Embrace a Life we can look back on and recognize an effort to be in the flow of Grace.

You are the Gift.

You are the Power.

You are the Universe.

You are the Light.

- Rev. Jenn Shepherd

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