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Power to Manifest

Once upon a time there was a little girl who told everyone she was going to be a ‘mail girl’ when she grew up. She was also going to be an important ‘mail girl’, you know, one that ‘drove a truck.’ Later, she shifted to knowing she would be a teacher. She would study and learn all about science and teach others all she had discovered and work at NASA, to go to the stars and understand what makes the universe work. Her seventh-grade science teacher encouraged her to create lesson plans and even allowed her to present a lesson on following directions to the class.

She really wanted to be an astronaut and took an aptitude test for both the air force and navy in high school as a steppingstone to that goal. She scored high in all the right places, for engineering and science and to fly. She was told by the recruiter going over the scores that since she was a girl, the best she would be offered was an office position, even if she did take the college route.

As an aspect of our free will, we co-create our human experience outline. We choose which aspects of Creation we want to take on and our souls are infused with the drive and the talents necessary to explore, to experience, to learn. In reflection I truly believe the recruiter that was so against females serving did the girl favor by forcing her to look at other avenues of study, putting her into a college program that would ignite her soul’s passions. We manifest our very lives. We are given opportunities and choices on how to manifest the desire of our soul.

We forget that power somewhere along the line. I am sure you have figured out by now that the little girl was me. In reflection, I understand that my soul knew from the start what it would push to experience. A mail girl delivering messages. What a more apt 4-year-old description of a person destined to deliver messages from Spirit could there be? And one that drives a truck? Reminding myself at such a young age how much power there is within each of us to achieve the goals we prepared for ourselves even before our arrival on earth.

The symptoms of our discontent in this life, the symptoms of not being enough, of feeling as if we need to manifest certain outcomes are all signs to be present to healing. Healing is the bringing in of love into any situation. It is the shifting of our awareness to our greatness, our divinity, our power. It is alignment with the outline we co-created for our human life experience. Healing is being present to the Grace we have flowing through our veins, to the Spirit Light that shines through us, with us, for us, within us and IS us. It is saying “I am blessed” and meaning it from the core of our being. It is forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance. Not just of others, and for what we have and for the experiences, but that we ARE.

The fullness of manifestation comes when we are accepting of our true Self. The Self that agreed to take on a human experience. The Self that said yes to being the physical eyes, ears, hands and voice of God here and now. The Self that relishes in the Beauty of the soul’s calling, its talent. The Beauty that IS you!

I often joke that my soul decided it wanted to learn all there was to learn about Patience. That every experience I have reflects on the power, the forgiving nature and the love inherent in choosing patience. Even patience with myself for owning up to my talent and message deliverer and teacher.

We each have all we need; we each are offered opportunities in which to express our soul talent. We are the ones that review our experience while holding hands with the Holy Spirit. No one else. Only we will be able to say if we manifested the realities of Self through our humanity. Only we will hold ourselves accountable for all the ways we chose or did not choose to express Self and thus express an aspect of Creation, and aspect of Unconditional Love. How will you honor this present moment? How will you make choices to manifest all your soul has to offer? You have the Power.

-Rev. Jenn Shepherd

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