October: Finding Comfort

The Christ Presence is my Guide, My Strength, My Comfort

Every Sunday

* 10AM Meditation

* 11AM Service

* 12PM Fellowship

Every Monday

* 10AM-1PM Healing Clinic and Office Hours

Every Tuesday (Starting Oct 15)

* 6:30PM Spirit Circle

Every Wednesday

* 7PM Healing Service

Every Thursday

* Office Hours 9AM-12PM

Oct 5: Church Cleaning Day 9AM-12PM

Oct 6: Rev. Josh Dolecki Speaking 11AM

Oct 10: Pain Warriors Documentary 6:30PM

Oct 13: Rev. Jenn Shepherd Speaking 11AM

Oct 19: 30th Anniversary Celebration 11AM

Oct 20: Special 30th Anniversary Service

Oct 27: Joe Briggs Speaking 11AM

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Dear Spiritual Family, This time of the Great Pause has allowed for a great amount of contemplation, reflection, and conversation. I have been able to speak to many throughout our locality and across

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