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Face to Face Service to Resume May 31, 2020

Dear Unity in Edinboro Community,

I have shared with the Unity in Edinboro Board of Directors that it has been an interesting journey for me these past weeks navigating the ups and downs of COVID within a community. Unity in Edinboro is a small community compared to some of other local faith congregations, and yet the variance of passions and opinions that has risen in dealing with an ‘invisible’ assailant in a geographic area not feeling the full brunt of the medical trauma associated with such a force of nature has been interesting for me to witness and navigate.

There is a unique juxtaposition between honoring self and doing what is right for your fellow human, and the planet. The golden rule: “Universal love is to regard another's state as one's own. A person of universal love will take care of his friend as he does of himself,” is a simple and elegant mandate and yet this unique world event has highlighted just how many expressions that universal love has. It is at this point in addressing the membership that I search my brain and data base for a suitable quote to tie thoughts and feelings together. I do not know that there is one. The people living in this version of reality are creating their own quotes, and their own reflections for the history books. That includes each of you reading at this present time. The question is whether your quote will be expressed through a veil of compassion and peace, or a veil of pain and anger. This is the abyss we each are standing currently. Reminding ourselves that we are indeed the incarnation of Universal Love and it is through us that it is expressed will lead us to the words, the deeds and the prayers that are most appropriate and necessary at any time. We each are mandated to do the best we are able.

The Unity Board of Directors together stood at this place Sunday, May 24, 2020 and voted to institute the following:

Face to face services will resume May 31, 2020. If the Erie County, PA guidelines for any reason go to a status of red the church doors will be closed. When the Erie County, PA guidelines status is green, these protocols will be revisited by the Unity in Edinboro Board of Directors.

These Protocols will remain in effect until other guidelines are issued:

* The facility has been cleaned and sanitized during your absence, and we will continue to do so on a more frequent basis.

* If you are sneezing, coughing, not feeling well, or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick, please stay home and take advantage of the online recordings. If you have a compromised immune system and are considered “at risk,” please stay home and take advantage of online programming. If you are in this situation and need extra support, please call 814-314-9297.

* When you arrive at Unity, you are asked to maintain a six-foot distance from anyone who is not from your household. We ask that you refrain from hugs, handshakes, and holding hands.

* Hospitality (food, snacks, coffee, tea, potlucks) will be suspended for the next few months and will resume when it is considered in the best interest of the well-being of all. You may bring your own refreshment to service in a covered container.

* Offering baskets will be placed at the back of the main aisle for weekly gifts of gratitude.

* The Prayer Box and prayer request forms will have hand sanitizer/wipes for your use before and after placing your request in the box.

* We will not hold hands during the Peace Song; rather, we will lift our hands in praise and gratitude for all of planet Earth.

* Please allow and maintain a comfortable distance of six feet between all as you exit the sanctuary.

* Fellowship and conversation may continue in the parking lot/yard, no Sunday hospitality at this time.

* We will not be using any paper during the service: order of service, song sheets, etc.

* Masks are encouraged, not mandatory.

* Special events in the building are suspended until further notice.

* Sunday Morning Meditation will be moved to the Sanctuary until Pennsylvania is in the Green.

* Personal appointments will resume with Rev. Jenn using all social distancing protocols.

* Wednesday meeting times will remain online only through June 2020.

* Recordings of the morning meditation and the message will be made available online for all who are social distancing from home at this time.

* Any questions please email or call 814-314-9297

Many Blessings,

Rev. Jenn Shepherd

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