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Leveling Up

Having a spiritual experience is not a direct correlation to moral leveling up. The ability for us to fully recognize a dualized condition (ego and Self) is exasperated with the human experience. We start to understand that we are ONE with the Witness. We know that this experience is a perspective of being. We have a visceral moment(s) of spiritual awakening. We have an experience with the non-physical other. We meet God, we talk to an angel, we hear our loved one clearly though they have died, we merge with All that Is, we recognize healing, we know an overwhelming sense of peace, we know.

Beautiful. Each experience that reminds us that we are not separate, that we are living an on-purpose physical life is a blessing. The experience will ‘level up’ our human moral perspective if we allow it to do so.

There are so many wonderful people, so many beautiful speakers, teachers, ministers, preachers, guides, organizations, and churches that can speak from the knowledge that we are part of a whole and wonderful creation. These same people do not all have the human ability to fully bring that knowledge and awareness into completion. They have made conditions to another's awareness. There are hierarchies put into place on who is worthy and who is not. A mistake is made that the personal (or organizational) interpretation of an experience is the only correct interpretation of the experience for everyone. Some well-meaning people exclude those who do not follow the individual paradigm understood in their own mind. The realization that there are many different expressions of Divine happening all at once becomes discord instead of harmony.

In a tiny room at the Cleveland Clinic while the doctor was explaining the latest scans showing the progression of my husband’s cancer. He shifted the conversation to the need to consider a move from care at the Clinic to a hospice close to our home. I was very aware of an ‘extra’ in the room. I remember clearly saying to the doctor, “Every doctor needs a big ass angel behind him when such news is delivered.” The feeling of that moment and of the presence I recognized behind the doctor and filling the room did not leave me even after we had been home a while and my husband had fallen asleep.

A quick search on Google led me to a photo of a drawing that embodied the energy I felt earlier that day. It was Arch Angel Uriel by Steve Roberts. Uriel is said to be the bringer of wisdom, peace, and stability to out of control and emotional situations.

This all made sense. It was an emotional situation. I did feel a peace and calm to take the next steps through that presence. I know recognize that same energy available to others and in other situations in my life. Not everyone needs to recognize this presence in the aspect of an angel. Someone else may have recognized that energy as the energy of Vishnu, or a Blue Lace Agate, a trusted Guide, Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Ecne, a Golden Faerie (how my husband felt the same support and peace), The Holy Spirit or even Athena. The list is endless.

Our personal belief is not the end all and be all of the realities of the Universe, of Spirit. All we know through human eyes is the interpretation that is the best of our ability at this time in our awareness. This present moment.

What we can do revisit our interpretations from time to time, and update them based on new awareness, new knowledge and new experiences. We can take a look again at scary situations, at memories that engaged us in fear with a new light from our remembrances of our True Self. Fear is our normal bodily and mental reaction to anything our system cannot readily process. It is a purely human response. Fear was all pervasive in the example I gave of receiving the news that hospice was the necessary next step in my husband’s care. Fear of the unknown, fear that we had done something wrong to create this situation, fear of a future that was not even upon us, fear that people around me may have been correct when they told me I did not have enough energetic protection around my home and family.

Revisiting all those fears in the days, weeks and even years later allow me to recognize that all those fears had no bearing on how I choose to relate to my personal truth of Self within a loving Universe. I have the ability to tap into the energies of wisdom and peace first instead of leading with fear. Choices are layered with an understanding that we are all dealing with different feelings, vocabularies, insecurities, strengths and fears. I am able to pull on my past experiences feeling the energies of wisdom and peace present in each situation and through my actions make that energy more accessible to others.

Our personal Light experiences are able to be a jumping point to more understanding and not division. People that are not in our frame of reference or vocabulary are not less, not even different. They are humans expressing in the best way we know how. The wisdom contained within any spiritual experience is that we are all part of something more and we have the ability to bring that MORE into our everyday human life.

-Rev. Jenn Shepherd

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