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Judgments Never Win

🌻☀️Bolts of Love Perspective☀️🌻 Judgments never win. Never. We will never understand another's perspective. Not fully. We live a different perspective, with different people, in different houses, from different backgrounds. There are photos of people on public transportation in large cities during a time when we are all asked to be distant. What if that is the only way for a maintenance worker to get to a hospital shift? What if the photo of the person on social media with5 cases of water and 10 cases of paper products is buying for a teen home or for dormitories where students are stranded with no safe way home? We will all handle crisis situations differently. Now is the time we are all experiencing the crisis with the same name 'Virus', yet we are each experiencing from our own unique perspective.

I know for me it has been exceptionally trying to make decisions about becoming more involved outside of the house with aid efforts or to even check on the church building. I am exceedingly aware that I have two grown children and a load of friends who are working outside the home at this time as part of the essential work force. I am aware of the people who are at home, mostly alone and are out of work. I am also very aware I have two children at home who have already watched one parent become sick and leave their physical lives. The balance in my sensibilities to protect my children and to still serve my spiritual community has come through doing as much as I can through the internet and the magic of technology. It has also come in reminding myself daily that others around the entire planet are making the same type of decisions for themselves and their families. Also, in reminding myself that at the root of everything is a light that is never ending. We all have the opportunity to find and shine that light on whatever circumstances we find ourselves and the choices we are making. Do the best you can without purposefully hurting yourself or others, hopefully as much as we are able purposely helping yourself and others and we will all have beautiful stories to share. Blessings, Jenn🤗

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