Faith Lifts Me

This season of darkness is the perfect time to reflect on our own unique connection to Divine. It is in Joy and also in Hope that we thrive and truly live. It is so easy during the rush if the holiday season to lose sight of the bigger picture, the true picture: the spark of Creation within you us the same spark celebrated during the festivities of the season. The Christ Light dwells in all, removing all perceived darkness. The stress, the worry, the burdens we place on ourselves may be made lighter by falling back onto Faith. We no longer are bogged down by the world, we recognize it for what it is, we recognize it as an opportunity for choices. We may choose hope, joy and react in the faith of our true nature or we may feel heavy and burdened.

Take a moment and breathe in the certainty of your true self, of the Light that resides within. Remember to celebrate your own ability to not only feel the love embodied within the Light of God but to also radiate the Divine presence within you. Advent is not only a time of reflection, it is a time to remind ourselves that through faith we are lifted, we are able to serve, and we are able to shine. đź’™ Jenn

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