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We ALL can share healing

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

“If the Spirit is right, then the body will be right.” (Silver Birch)

Healing is so much more than the healing of the bodies or the cure of the disease. It is the touch of one soul to another. It is the recognition and the helping of one another that we are more than this body. That we are Spirit incarnate. In this way, the trueness of the soul light, the soul purpose and the truest of self is revealed. The best the body can offer will come into alignment with this recognition. As healers we are charged with always bring the best out in ourselves, allowing others to feel safe to do the same. In times of crisis, in times of illness, our prayer, our recognition is sitting in the presence of all that is and merging with all that is possible through the aspects of unconditional love. What does it feel like to feel peace, to feel compassion, to feel caring, to feel gratitude? These are the feelings that bring about a new realization, an alignment withing heart, mind, and soul. It is in this place that a person reflects and begins to feel those things within self. It is in this place that we fully feel what the body needs and what it is capable. It is in this place where we see that others, EVERYONE can align and do the same.

In our prayers, in our meditations it is not enough to beg the Universe to ‘fix’ anything: situations, actions, illness, poverty, greed. It is a calling out of help in understanding our own soul’s place and our own soul’s expression through our humanity to understand how we are able to do better in caring ourselves, do better in gratitude for ourselves, do better in recognizing ways in which we are and are able to grow in abundance. It is recognizing ways in which we can help each other both energetically and in real life works of kindness and action to do the same.

I am struck repeatedly by one individual who points to a conversation we had in the middle of the night in a car. My friend has told me often how that one conversation changed the way he interacts with the world, and the people around him. I honestly do not remember what I could have said that was so profound. I do know that for a few hours, the conversation was the only things that mattered. The presence of being, of being fully engaged. Healing took place for both of us. It solidified for me that healing does not have to be any type of special ritual. It is allowing oneself to be fully present and not hold back from being caring, for offering gratitude, and being willing to listen to each other.

We are in a world right now of so many angry, disgruntled, dismayed, frightened people. Taking time to BREATHE becomes so much more important. In the breath is the energy of creation. In the slow breath our bodies instinctively relax, allowing our minds to learn how to relax, allowing us to fully feel the Spirit around us. It is simple, yet so profound. This is the base, the root, the foundation of any healing for us, for each other, for the world. A person willing to sit with a slow breath and feel the feelings of peace, of caring, of gratitude will develop a connection that not only heals self but affect those in proximity. Our choices start to be guided through the eyes of caring, the golden rule becomes second nature, we catch ourselves more quickly when we stray into despair and worry, we become healthier in the alignment of universal love. We are in Spirit and Spirit is within us. EVERYONE. Those that understand have a duty to meditate, pray, offer healing, chose words and actions that reflect this offering full examples, energy and healing for others to learn and grow into the same.

Rev. Jenn

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