COVID Updates

Thank you all for your patience and understanding the past few weeks as we work through what is best for our community during this pandemic time.

The decision has been made to keep the church doors closed through May to all services and activities. All meditations, lessons, services and connections will be made through webinars through May. The Unity board of directors will meet again May 24 to decide on procedures to safely reopen the church building.

Please take some time to look through the events that are available online through May and through the posts that will take you to meditations, service recordings and other teachings. Please also reach out through email , text 814-314-9297 or call 814-314-9297 if you have any needs, concerns, need a prayer or conversation partner.

Special thank you to board members who are taking turns cleaning, maintaining and sanitizing the church. A special thank you as well to those who have sent in contributions to keep the bills paid at the church until we can all meet in person again. If you would like to monetarily contribute please know that Unity board has decided that 10% of all contributions and tithes from here on out will be reissued to local charities and Unity Village to help those beyond our immediate community. The church address is 130 Meadville Ave. Edinboro, PA 16412

"I place all of my attention on my connection with God within and give thanks for all he good that I am not experiencing. My gratitude grows as my prosperity and plenty come forth with ease."

Blessings for all of us! Rev. Jenn

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