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Easter: A New Dawn

In [the Unity] New Testament Interpretation Workbook, it says, “The crucifixion itself symbolizes a process of crossing out, or eliminating, that which is no longer needful for our continued unfoldment. What has fulfilled its purpose in us must be either lifted to a higher level of expression in consciousness or let go completely. Jesus’ crucifixion illustrates both these meanings.”

The weeks leading to Easter we contemplate, we pray, we fast, we remember what it means to be during change. We get back to basics and we remember who we really are, the Light of God.

The etymology for Easter brings us to the words of ‘east’ and ‘dawn’ as original and alternate meanings. Both of which point to newness, renewal, and the ability to ride that dawn in all the newness each one brings.

Ask yourself this day how you are choosing to honor the dawn. What part of you and your life are you willing to let go of to enjoy life. What part of our lives are we choosing anger, guilt, apathy, and worry? What part of our lives are we able to share the light of healing, forgiveness, laughter, joy, and gratitude? It is in the little choices, each day, and it is in the choice of expression when we first wake in the morning. This does not mean that the ‘bad’ does not happen. It does mean we have a conscious measure of how we choose to deal with the ‘bad’. Chemically speaking when an emotion hits, the body’s reaction to that emotion is about 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, we choose to keep in that space or to release it. We choose.

It is not a coincidence that Easter is springtime in the northern hemisphere. The date was calculated and designed to coincide with the renewal of the earth, of changing our winter patterns into ones of movement, growth and Light. Not many of us choose to stick to the patterns of winter once spring begins. We celebrate with colors, flowers, sweets, family gatherings, laughter, and a renewal of ourselves to the principles of living life as a co-creator of the Divine. We can shine the light of creation on this planet, expressing the consciousness of God through our choices of compassion, honoring each new dawn.

Easter reminds each of us that there is a new day after any hardship, any tragedy, any trauma: large or small. It also reminds us that we have choices each day to seize that life. “Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” (Eckhart Tolle)

Into your hands, God, we commit our spirit. We let go of everything that is holding is back. We surrender hate, worry, judgement. We accept the healing grace offered in the remembrance of Easter. We embrace the life that is available now, in this moment and commit ourselves to work with it. We commit ourselves to sharing the Light and the Grace inherent within us without fear of lack or hesitation of the unknown. We are grateful for the ability to choose to be part of the light of each new day. The Light of God surrounds us and Enfolds us. We are Light.

Easter Blessings, Rev. Jenn Shepherd

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