The Sun is Always Shining

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The sun is always shining. It never goes away, and yet at any given time at least half of our planet is not actively engaged with the sun. This temporary darkness is a construct of nature, of our planet, of our physical universe. Yet, we as a people have found ways over the millenia to create light within the dark. We build fires, create candles, discover how to use electricity to fuel lamps, chemicals to light glow sticks, and actively use light from the moon and stars. We have never been satisfied to allow darkness to fully take over our lives. We have a beautiful ability to flow with nature, but also adapt to our time and surroundings. These are always changing, always in flux, and always bring about wonderful opportunities to shine in the most difficult of situations. Sending Bolts of Love to all of you to fill you up, share and I aspire you continue to shine light through any darkness.<3Jenn Shepherd

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