Listening to Silence

It is within the silence that it is most possible to hear. The Unity in Edinboro building,like so many other places of gathering has been extremely quiet the past few weeks. In silence there is a refuge. Silence has the ability to offer an opening to the heart, and the whispers of the soul. It is a place that knows no fear, no longing, and no judgement. It offers peace, an avenue to clarity of thought and a remembrance of the love bestowed in us and for us by Creation. We find in which direction to align our faith. Will we align with doubt, fear and anger or will we align with hope and recognition of God is all things, all people and in every situation. We are blessed with many opportunities to find the silence, to listen to the whispers of our heart and to align with the truth that is love. We have the beautiful opportunity to choose words and actions that align with hopeful faith and give space for others to do the same. Listen to the beauty being played and sung through silence, and you will find the Divine within you.<3Jenn

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